Despair and decisiveness

During the night of the disaster, people desperately try to seek help via the phone, but the lines are down. Amateur radio operators do succeed with a homemade transmitter. Rescue operations are started.

In caisson 2 you will find stories about despair and decisiveness. The despair of those who were hit by the Flood and the decisiveness of the helpers: from Urk fishermen and the Red Cross to the military.

Multimedia project 1835 + 1 – an interactive installation – keeps the memory alive of those who died: 1835 registered victims and the baby who was born on the night of Saturday 31 January, but subsequently drowned that night and was never found. Family members and friends describe – sometimes just by small details – the loved ones they lost. The visitor hears the stories after the name of the victim is spoken out loud.

There are different lists of victims of the Flood of 1953. The Watersnoodmuseum follows the official list by the Red Cross. This list is organised by municipality of decease and by surname for every town and village.