Hartel Barrier

Hartel Barrier (1991-1997)

When the Maeslandt Barrier is closed, rising sea water levels could, in extreme situations, still threaten the Europoort area, which lies further inland. That is why the Hartel Barrier is built in the Hartel Canal near Spijkenisse, at about the same time as the Maeslandt Barrier. It is a moveable barrier consisting of sliders suspended between towers.

There are four towers, two on each side of the Hartel Canal and two in the middle of the canal. They stand on the pillars of the bridge over the Hartel Canal. The distances between the towers are 49.3 and 98 meters in size.

When the barrier is open, both elliptical sliders hang 14 meters above sea level. Ships can simply pass underneath. In extreme storm situations, the sliders can be lowered into the water. The sliders can hold back water levels of 3 meters above NAP.


Computer controlled

Just like the Maeslandt Barrier, the Hartel Barrier is computer controlled. It was calculated that the barrier needs to close once or twice every 10 years on average, but it is now expected that it will close more often in the future due to climate change. When the barrier is closed, the adjacent locks also close and no ships can pass through the Hartel Canal.