The Philips Dam

Philipsdam (1976-1987)

In 1976 the construction of the Philipsdam, connecting the Grevelingendam to Sint Philipsland, is commenced. The Philipsdam will result in the Krammer and Volkerak being completely closed off from the Oosterschelde. An important part of the dam is the Krammersluizen lock installation, which allows ships to continue travelling from the Oosterschelde to the Rhine and vice versa.

The construction of the Philipsdam starts with building a 96-hectare construction island on the sand bank Plaat van de Vliet. A 19-hectare construction site is built on the island. In order to be able to create this construction site, 100 hectares are excavated, 130 hectares are supplemented and 370.000 square meters of concrete is poured out, containing 2600 tonnes of reinforcement steel.

Philipsdam-Krammersluizen, foto:

The Philipsdam was built as far east as possible to prevent the salt marshes of Sint Philipsland from ending up in the fresh and stagnant water behind the dam. To facilitate the construction of the Philipsdam, the storm surge barrier in the Oosterschelde is temporarily closed. This method is also used during the construction of the Oesterdam. The Philipsdam is opened in 1987.