Repairing and strengthening the dikes

Day and night, people work with all their might to repair the dikes and houses and reorganise the destroyed landscape.

In caisson 3, machines can be seen that were used in repairing the dikes. To make sure that a disaster like the one in February 1953 will never happen again, the Deltaplan is drawn up: one of the most revolutionary hydraulic engineering projects in the world. In the final section of caisson 3 the modern ways of water management in The Netherlands are shown.

Flood Aware
In spite of all the repaired and strengthened dikes and the completion of the Deltaworks, the chance of flooding is still present today. To make people aware of this, the exposition Flood Aware has been installed in caisson 3. Whoever wants to know what to do during a flood gets great advice. The Kenniscentrum Overstromingen (centre of knowledge on flooding) – part of Flood Aware – provides all the information.

A simulation programme in 3D shows the effect of a broken dike in Zeeland. Visitors can now also work the Deltaviewer themselves. An interactive computer programme visualizes the struggle of The Netherlands with water in the past, present and future.
Visitors can experience how the fresh water of the big rivers can be distributed and how those choices affect water safety. Especially for the younger visitors, there is the Virtual Reality experience which allows you to experience what it is like when your house floods and what you should do when that happens.