The battle is never ending

In The Netherlands, we are never done with water management. The choices that are made right now in the Delta area will affect the (distant) future. That makes water management both intriguing and exciting.

Water awareness

Water awareness is what matters in caisson 4. In the large ‘sandbox’, visitors can change water currents in a virtual landscape themselves through the use of augmented reality techniques and discover how it influences the landscape.
Visitors are also invited to share a written note with their thoughts or dreams by attaching it to a dedicated wall.

Primal force
The untameable primal force of water is shown in caisson 4 in a 7 minute long film, projected onto a curved screen of 18 by 3.5 meters. Also in caisson 4, the extraordinary story of the men of Colijnsplaat and their fight against the water in 1953 is told.

Museum shop
Near the exit of the Watersnoodmuseum, visitors can find the museum shop at the end of caisson 4. Books – including children’s books – about the Flood of ’53 take up an important part of the shop, but visitors can also find historical maps, special stamps, DVD’s and educational materials. Gift vouchers are available as well.