The dikes break

It is the night of Saturday 31 January and Sunday 1 February 1953. A severe north-westerly storm pushes the waters of the North Sea up high into the English Channel. Even before springtide has reached its highest point, the dikes break in the southwest of The Netherlands.

In caisson 1, the story of the Flood is told. This is done through historical polygon images and a number of seemingly ordinary objects. Together, these paint the picture of the disaster that occurred that night. The collection of photo albums and folders with newspaper clippings about the Flood is also worthwhile to browse through.

Personal stories
In the media corner of caisson 1, stories from victims, rescue workers and other people caught up in the disaster are told and shown as part of the Oral History Project ‘1953, The Story’. Project leader Jaap Schoof has, together with volunteers from the Watersnoodmuseum, interviewed numerous people and recorded their stories. The search for witnesses and their stories still continues. The stories are not only recorded for use in the museum; all the interview materials are also saved in the Zeeuwse Archives.