Child in time




A journey through time, told by six children who experienced critical events in the last century of Holland. History as it has never been told before.


  • The flood disaster of Zeeland (1953). The southwest of Holland gets flooded by an enormous tidal wave. Klaartje tells us the story of this terrible flood disaster.
  • No Housing, no crowning (1980). Nena no longer believes in school, her future and a settled life with her parents. She becomes a punk squatter.
  • My mother is a hippy (1970). Bloem has her hands full with her hippy mother during the first popfestival in The Netherlands.
  • The Italian (1960). Riekje tells about the first immigrant workers in Twente, who are not appreciated by the Dutch since they’re trying to hog the local girls.
  • South pole expedition (1914). Orphan Thomas joins a South Pole expedition as a dog attendant.

Length: 94 minutes.

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