The Dutch and their Delta




Author: Jacob Vossestein

Have you ever wondered what the current climate change and rising sea levels mean for the low-lying and densly populated Netherlands? How can a land below sea level exist right along that very sea? What happens when the rivers reach the ocean, and what are the consequences of this sub-sea-level position for the harbors? Why and how did the Dutch even create new land on the former sea bottom? You may be familiar with polders, dikes and windmills, but how do they all work together and how is it organized? What are the effects of living below sea level on the drinking water, and on construction, sewage and agriculture? The answers to these and many other questions are here in this book. While explaining technical, geographical but also social issues in understandable terms, The Dutch and their Delta – Living Below Sea Level combines broad information with fascinating detail. Photos, maps and relevant websites offer you insights and intriguing local details that even many Dutch people could not give you! The Dutch and their Delta also informs you about historical developments, places to witness the unique situation for yourself, and the influence of this watery environment on the Dutch language and culture. Author Jacob Vossestein, a geographer and anthropologist, provides great insight into the watery issues of the Netherlands. After years of working with people from aroad, he also knows precisely what related concerns both expats and overseas visitors have.

Jacob Vossestein is also the author of Dealing with the Dutch, the bestselling book about the Dutch mentality and culture. Xpat Scriptum Publishers, 2014, hardcover, 295 pages.

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