The Water Atlas of the Netherlands



Author: Noordhoff  Atlas productions

This unique version of the Bosatlas uses more then 300 maps and photos to explain all there is to know about Netherlands’ ways with water. A journey across the world of water!

Read and learn:

  • how the new Delta-program safeguards the Netherlands agains climate changes;
  • why every year thousands of new homes are built in polders several meters below sea-level;
  • how energy and minerals are reclaimed from domestic waistwater;
  • why the UNESCO assumes Kinderdike to be as special as Easter Island;
  • how the waterlevel is lowered (and raised) in almost 4.000 polders;
  • the final say on what parts of the Netherlands are in risk of flooding;
  • why the port of Rotterdam and the Rhine river are internationally exceptional;

and much, much more!

With a foreword by the Dutch king, Willem-Alexander of Oranje.

Noordhoff Publishers, 2013, hardcover, 104 pages.

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