Tracks in the landscape
The flood of 1953 has left its marks on the landscape of Schouwen-Duiveland. For months, the tide flowed in and out of the polders, creating deep gullies. Those gullies are now beautiful lakes, surrounded by reeds and woodlands, where visitors can be outside and enjoy nature in many different ways.

Krekengebied Watersnoodmuseum

The lake area near Ouwerkerk is a paradise for all sorts of animals. At high tide, the land between the Oosterschelde and the largest lake offers birds a safe and dry location. Because of the salty sea water, local delicacies such as samphire and sea aster grow there. In the higher areas, without salt water, rare orchids grow.

Treasure hunts
For children (up to 8 years old) there is a treasure hunt with pictures. For children aged 8 till 12 there is a treasure hunt based on questions. Upon completing the hunt successfully, the children obtain the title “Water Ambassador” and are handed a certificate to prove it.

There are many recreational opportunities in the area. Visitors can sunbathe on the lawns, take a walk along the water shores or swim and go canoeing in the largest of the lakes. For the past 5 years, Dutch organizations in and around Ouwerkerk have invested thoroughly into making the area even more attractive.

Information panels have been placed in the area, explaining about the history, the remaining evidence of the flood and local nature and wildlife. There are also playgrounds and leisure areas and walking and biking paths have been constructed. These are also accessible to less mobile visitors.

To visualize the history of the construction of the dikes, part of the outside of the dike displays the materials they are made of. This allows visitors to see exactly what materials were used in the past and which more modern materials and techniques these were replaced by over the years.

‘Brasserie De Vierbannen’ is located next to the flood museum. You are more than welcome there to enjoy a bite to eat for lunch downstairs or have dinner in the restaurant upstairs, which also offers great views over the Oosterschelde.

Camping site
A bit further along the road you will find camping De Vier Bannen. It is located in an area with many birds and is surrounded by water and forest. The camping is a convenient base from which to go fishing, swimming, diving, walking or cycling. The sites on the camping are spacious and offer a lot of privacy. The ‘comfort locations’ are supplied with electricity, water, waste water disposal and wifi.