Viewed from Ouwerkerk

Drawings and paintings by Jan Meine Jansen

Geschilderd vanuit Ouwerkerk

Jan Meine Jansen

Jan Meine Jansen (Meppel, 1908 – Driebergen, 1994) studied at the Rijks Instituut tot Opleiding van Teekenleraren and the Amsterdam Rijksakademie. In 1953 Meine Jansen travelled to Schouwen-Duiveland to record the ravaged land in works of art. He was able to stay with the mayor of Ouwerkerk, Mr. J. Romeijn. His wanderings over the island resulted in a vast number of sketches and watercolours and once home, he painted larger, more detailed pictures in gouache. The exhibited works are from this period. The sketches show the work involved in closing the breaches; other artworks include the ravaged landscape that appeared as the water subsided.

View of Ouwerkerk

A very special example of Meine Jansen’s work is the painting ‘Zicht op Ouwerkerk’ (View of Ouwerkerk), showing the village of Ouwerkerk still lying in the water. This painting is rendered extra special by the date on which it was done: 6 November 1953, the very day that the final breach in the dyke was closed.