The Youth Flood Museum

It is a cold winter night. It is storming outside, but you are comfortable in your warm bed. Just as you have fallen into a deep sleep, your parents wake yo up. You have to get up because the house is flooding! The storm has caused the dikes to break ... This was the fate of many children who experienced the flood disaster of 1953. The same goes for Koos and Mina.

Discover the route of the The Youth Flood Museum

Interactive youth route

Koos was 5 years old and Mina 12 when they were taken by surprise by the water. How did they experience and survive the disaster? And how did their lives go after the disaster? In the Youth Flood Museum you can discover the stories of Koos and Mina. These are true stories! Choose a notebook and let Koos or Mina take you through the museum. Have you completed the assignments? Then you will get a little reward.

The Youth Flood Museum is open from June 12, 2019 and the notebooks are available in Dutch, English, German and French.


Step back in time to 1953 and discover the true stories of Koos and Mina

Koos was 5 years during the 1953 disaster. Mina was 12 years old. Both had a terrible experience that turned their young lives upside down. Through an active voyage of discovery, the Youth Flood Museum, Koos and Mina take you through the Watersnoodmuseum. You get to know their personal story and you are introduced to the flood disaster in a playful way.

During your visit to the museum you will receive a notebook full of different kinds of assignments. Have you followed the entire youth route? Then you will get a nice reward.

Enter Janny’s home

During the youth route you will pass the gift home where Janny used to live as a child. During the disaster she was 11 years old and her entire house was destroyed by the water. She and her family got a timber house, donated by the Danish people, so they could get on with their life.

The house is furnished the way it might have looked in the years after the disaster. You may explore all rooms of the house; sneak a look in the cupboards, peek into the pans, soak up the atmosphere and listen to the radio … There is a lot to discover in the house.

 Watersnoodmuseum kinderen en familie

The water will come!

You will not only get to know the story of the flood disaster of 1953 in the Youth Flood Museum. The people of the Netherlands have to work hard, day and night, here and throughout the world so that we keep our feet dry because that should not be taken for granted…

Create your own polders and dikes, watch an impressive film on an 18-meter (!) Long screen and play various games to find out. The fight against the water is not over yet; will it ever be?

Planning your visit
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