Northsea 1953. Storm and storm surge outside the Netherlands



Author: J. Goedbloed

National and international attention on the Floods that hit the Netherlands on Sunday 1 Ferbruary 1953 quickly focussed on the northern part of the province of Zeeland and on Goeree-Overflakkee. Less is known nowadays about the fact that the storm, and the storm surge it instigated, caused serious problems in other countries around the North Sea.

This book therefore presents an overview of the various disasters caused by the storm and the storm surge on 31 January and 1 February 1953 in Scotland, England, Belgium and elsewhere. We also record the almost forgotten losses of shipping at sea: no fewer than nine ships went down in the storm without trace. In total, around 570 people lost their lives outside the Netherlands.

The text is written both in English and Dutch.

Published by Het Watersnoodmuseum, 2012, hardcover, 160 pages.

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