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We're open on Monday through Sunday: 10.00 - 17.00

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Stories about water

This museum is all about the extraordinary stories of ordinary people about their experiences with water.Stories about the disaster in ’53, stories about rebuilding, stories about the Delta Works.Told by the people who have experienced it.

Inside the museum

The flood museum is located in four caissons that were used in 1953 to close the final gap in the dyke. Walking into the museum is like walking into the history of water from 1953 up until now. Discover what the museum can teach you about water and water safety.

The flood

The Netherlands have had to deal with many floods over the past 2000 years. This can be deducted from the name ‘Nederland’, as ‘neder’ in Dutch means ‘low’. Whenever there was a storm that caused a considerable rise in sea water levels which damaged the sea defences, the low lands were flooded.

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Delta works

The Delta plan is one of the most revolutionary civil engineering projects in the world. During the implementation of the Delta Works (1953-1997), many innovative techniques and materials were used.

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In the webshop you will find books, movies, educational material and other items that tell you everything about the flood of '53 and water safety in The Netherlands.

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